• Lazanda Nasal Spray(Nasalyn Fentanyl spray 100 mcg/inh)

Lazanda Nasal Spray(Nasalyn Fentanyl spray 100 mcg/inh)

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Lazanda Nasal Spray- Lazanda is a formula for nasal spray which contains fentanyl citrate. It is a highly opioid analgesic that has been used for showing rapid onset and the action of the nasal spray is short term. It is specially made for managing breakthrough pain of cancer patients who are 18 years of age or older than that. Patients who are already undergoing cancer therapy by opioid analgesic for reducing the persistent pain of cancer treatment are given this Lazanda nasal spray. It is easy to buy Lazanda nasal spray online for treating pain of cancer therapy. It is contraindicated to patients who are not tolerant to use of opioids because the depression caused due to life threating respiration and death can also occur in patients who cannot take chronic opioids. For this purpose, Lazanda nasal spray is contraindicated in managing acute and post operation pain which includes migraine headache, dental pain or any other emergency it is used in emergency department.


This nasal spray is an opioid analgesic used for cancer patients
It is used for patients who are having migraine or headache
Lazanda nasal spray is used for dental pain.
People who are undergoing any operation, are given this nasal spray for treating post-
operative pain.


You can use it like nasal administration. The recommended dose of this nasal spray must be based on
individual patient’s tolerance level and effectiveness along with dose titration. One should start with
one 100 mcg spray of lazanda. Patients need to wait for at least two hours before treating any other
go through of breakthrough of pain caused due to cancer pain with the help of Lazanda.


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Now you can easily buy Lazanda nasal spray online with the help of narcopharmacy. Just order them
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