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I would like to thank you for the buySafe guarantee that you provided me which I must say at no extra cost. I will be purchasing from you again!

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I love the Narco pharmacy. They are diligent, hardworking and responsive. They called today to let me know that my allergy doctor had retired and that my prescription couldn't be filled. And they asked me if they would like them to reach out to my primary doctor. 1) THEY let me know my allergy doc had retired even though my allergy doc's office hadn't. 2) They were prepared to go out of their way to help me get the prescription filled, at least temporarily, so that I didn't have any problems. All this while they're going through the chaos of construction in their office. This is the definition of good patient service. Thank you.

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My experience with Narco Pharmacy was Excellent! Staff and Pharmacist, Mr. Dave was helpful in having my medication scripts switched was seamless. Mr. Dave took time to explain my medications and is willing to refill. I feel Mr. Dave is vested in my health & wellness. I am incredibly thankful for the professional & caring team. Highly recommend this pharmacy. Thank You!

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